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Welcome to Wildfire Collective. We are a ministry that exists to lead a generation in freedom to wildly pursue Jesus. We believe there is a fire in young women that is ready to be set ablaze. Let's do this!

You + me = we are Wildfire. 

Ep 002 Gianna - on suffering + college life

This week our guest is Gianna Tiedemann who is a senior at TCU. In this episode Gianna and I chat about Passion Conference, Junior year perms, Gianna losing her father, and the ministry of suffering. Gianna shares the letter and prayer she spoke to her father as he was passing away. In Gianna’s grief she, a strong women, learned her weakness and in that found God as her strength.

Check out @wildfirecollective Instagram feed as Gianna will be taking it over today. Also find her on Instagram or her personal blog

Ep 003 Anna - on mission work + foster care

Ep 001 Carly - on graduating high school + leaving home