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Welcome to Wildfire Collective. We are a ministry that exists to lead a generation in freedom to wildly pursue Jesus. We believe there is a fire in young women that is ready to be set ablaze. Let's do this!

You + me = we are Wildfire. 

Ep 001 Carly - on graduating high school + leaving home

It was so fun to start up the podcast with none other than my best girl, Carly Parker. We jumped right in and recorded while sitting in a hallway at an Atlanta hotel a few hours before we had to say goodbye for the next nine months.

In this episode we talk about fourth grade Carly’s Formula for Haiti birthday. I failed to mention that I was traveling to Haiti and was able to take the formula with me to a Rescue Center that had requested it. If you want to do something for a ministry or NGO you love in another country it is wiser and easier to collect finances instead of doing a collection drive of items.

We also cover the topics of fame, Justin Bieber, and Carly’s fan girl love of Stephen Curtis Chapman. Carly also talks about getting ready to leave for the World Race gap year program and some of her expectations of living in Guatemala.

Be sure to listen to the episode and check out the Instagram as Carly is taking it over today. You can also find Carly on InstagramTwitter, or her World Race blog.

Ep 002 Gianna - on suffering + college life

Ep 000 Debra - what + why Wildfire Podcast

Ep 000 Debra - what + why Wildfire Podcast