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Link arms with Wildfire Collective in leading the next generation in freedom to wildly pursue Jesus! Your dollars are needed to do the work of freedom, but more than that your powerful prayer and sisterhood makes this whole wild thing come to life. Together we are better. Scroll down for a note from our Founder + Director.!

A note from our Founder + Director.

Hi guys! My name is Debra. Some call me Deb.

I am the chief dreamer behind Wildfire. Circle up and listen to my heart about Wildfire – the Happenings, the podcast, and the For Her justice movement. 

You are probably wondering who is Debra Parker and how did Wildfire Collective begin.

Well, I am Debra Parker. I’ve been married 20 years to my high school sweetheart and together we have four kids. I have been in ministry for almost 20 years. I am a sometimes writer, always dreamer. 

I had a conversation with a high school senior friend not long ago that shaped a lot of what Wildfire is about. My friend said that people like me (speakers, teachers, mothers) always tell her generation that they can make a difference in the world, that their faith matters, that the way they live their lives matter. She went on to remind me I say things like they don't have to wait until they are grown to practice what they believe and be effective tellers of the gospel. She then said the problem is there is no space made for this generation to be heard about the ways they know and understand their creator. She said they need a place to encourage one another, to be heard, and to borrow courage from the generation that stands in front of them.

After some time of prayer I scribbled the next paragraphs down as a job description and Wildfire manifesto of sorts.

They feel like misfits and yet rebels. And they should. They are wild hearted dream chasers. We (speakers, teachers, mothers) preach over and over to them to be all in, living like Jesus of the Bible. But we forget that Jesus' life was not measured by safety, it was not pretty, and honestly, at times confusing. Jesus flat out baffled the religious and chose to love the people society said to be protected from. With his hands, he touched the sick and visited the dead. We tell our daughters, our sisters, these wild Jesus stories and then track their steps to Starbucks. I get it. I am the chief of trackers. 
It's time to release fears and the desire to simply live pretty for the wild pursuit of following Jesus! They may be young, they may be one among many, but they are smoldering with the power of Jesus. They are ready to be given permission to raise their single match and start a wildfire.

So, there you have it, that’s the whole reason for Wildfire. As the generation who stands in front of them, we have the power of endorsement. They need our encouragement, our leadership, our yes. For too long, in fear and in the fight for safety, we may have over protected, and in turn tamed the Jesus followers we raise up. Together we say no more. Together we will lead a generation in freedom to the wild pursuit of following Jesus.  Listen to me talk about the vision by clicking here.

For Her,




Thank you for linking arms with Wildfire Collective!

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